Expressions of Gratitude

Renee Fitzsimmons Grant Thank You

“Thank you so very much for all of your work for the Spirit Foundation in the name of the students of Lake Forest. I couldn’t be more grateful for the grant, as well as your efforts and thoughtfulness in regards to the whole process including the heartwarming culmination.”
– Renée Fitzsimmons

“On behalf of all 5th grade the teachers and students here at Deer Path, I just wanted to let you know how immensely grateful we are for the grant you awarded us for next year. This grant will allow us to fund our cultural fairs and provide our students with memorable and meaningful experiences that enhance the curriculum and bring history to life. Past students still talk fondly of the memories created as a result of these cultural fairs, and it’s wonderful to know that next year’s students will be able to have the same opportunities to build upon their knowledge and create even more memories. We can’t thank you enough for all of the amazing things that the Spirit of 67 has done and continues to do for the children and teachers of Lake Forest!”
– Ken Smith

gratitude video from everett elementaryCheck out the video.

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