Crosstown Challenge

The Annual Crosstown Challenge is on!
What is the Crosstown Challenge?

The Crosstown Challenge is a grant award to encourage family participation in each school and to highlight the many things that the Spirit of 67 funds to help student academic success. 

Each school campus will win $1,000 in grant money to be used on a school initiative or need that fits within the Spirit of 67's mission if the participation goal set at the beginning of the school year is met.  A holiday bonus of $500 per campus will be awarded if the goal is reached by December 31st. 

Cherokee, Everett and Sheridan Elementary Schools:

Any elementary school with 80% of families donating will win $1,000. Additionally, a holiday bonus of $500 will be added if the school meets this goal by December 31, 2023, for a total prize of $1,500.


If 70% of DPM families donate by the end of the school year, DPM will win $2,000. If DPM meets this goal by December 31, a holiday bonus of $1,000 will be added for a total prize of $3,000.

The prize grant money is awarded to the principal to use at his/her discretion to benefit the school and should align with District 67 objectives and curriculum as well as the Spirit of 67’s mission.

How to win the Crosstown Challenge Trophy? 
The goal is to get as many families donating and participating as possible.

Cherokee won the Crosstown Challenge Trophy for School Year 2021-2022 by having the highest overall family participation by Grant Day 2022. Will your school win this year?  The Crosstown Challenge for 2022-23 ends April 20, 2023.  The school with the highest participation at that time will win the contest and have their school's name engraved on the perpetual trophy plaque and will also win a popsicle party to be enjoyed by the student community in the spring.  

A donation of ANY AMOUNT by a family counts toward your school participation goal!

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