Our History: Over 30 Years of Giving

Before 1985, funding for Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) sponsored programs in the schools was through a series of money-making projects such as selling sweatshirts, school bags, plants, bake sales, etc. After evaluating these efforts, the APT Executive Board decided to establish a not-for-profit organization called The Spirit of 67 Foundation, a vehicle to fundraise on behalf of District 67. From the outset, operating expenses were kept to a minimum so that dollars raised could directly benefit the schools and our children. Originally, the Spirit conducted a direct mail Annual Campaign, enlisting the support of the entire Lake Forest community. Results were gratifying. Donations for the initial year (1985-86) were $13,000 and the second year produced nearly $25,000. In 1988, the Annual Campaign included solicitation of major gifts from foundations, corporations, and interested individuals. Donations for that year exceeded $75,000. Approximately $45,000 of these funds were granted for equipment and programming for an innovative, student-accessed computer network. Another $15,000 was granted to a variety of cultural and educational enrichment programs; and the remaining funds were designated by the donors for staff development and the Norm Erickson basketball tournament.

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